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WowWee Chip

You probably have had a robot dog before and still remember how you guys ran out of fun things to do before you had even started, and eventually, you dumped the toy in some damp cupboard.

Good news is there has been some gladdening robotic improvement in 2016. Expectedly, we can count on some awesome tech toys as a result of these improvements in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Let’s introduce you to Chip. This robot puppy of course is not a perfect replacement for your real life pet but the highly interactive toy is one you will grow immeasurably found of in no time at all. Truth is, it is the closest to real-life pet as you can get.

Chip has a Smartbed, Smartband, and SmartBall, and in this article, we will be examining all three.


How Much Does It Cost?

Chip will go on sale on August 31st and will retail at $199.00

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Who Would Enjoy it?

This robotic dog is recommended for children between the ages of 6 and 15. Wowee also encourages older kids as well as adults who love robotics and AI not to hesitate to give it a try. While we are very sure that the little ones too would love them, it is advisable that they are allowed to play with this tech beauty under the supervision of an adult to prevent damages.



Why We Love It

We cannot talk about all the things that make Chip the robotic toy of choice, but we will try to talk a little about its very many beautiful features and functionality.

Chip got wheels. Yes, and its simply awesome you do not have to deal with   clunky robotic dogs anymore. With the aid of it’s mecanum wheels, chip comes with incredible speed. The fact that it is multi-directional and very agile means tireless playtime whether it’s with you or its ball.

Chip comes with a SmartBed. It serves as bed for sleep time, or naptime when he also needs to recharge automatically.

Chip SmartBall is his play ball. With a little training, he can run, fetch and bring you the ball, so you two can play together. This activity is especially awesome for keeping kids very active and helping them enjoy their play time.


The SmartBand helps you to control Chip. It will let him recognize you as his only master. With the SmartBand., you can explore various interactive actions and functions for better friendship between you and Chip.

One of the things that makes this toy irresistible is the fact that, it can be trained to recognize when you are giving him a reward for something he has done nice, or while he is not getting anything because he has not done too well. Chip can also be trained to come to stay or heel. Someone stepping on your nerves? Order Chip to attack them. Don’t worry about rabies-he won’t bite.

Chip is even going to get better with subsequent updates featuring easier user experience and advanced features.

You also get a 90 day warranty with Chip.



What We Need To Be Made Better

To be honest, Chip is great, and we can only discuss negative reviews, if at all we get any, when customer reviews are placed online.

Chip is strictly a robotic dog for indoor plays. You might not really enjoy taking him for a walk around the neighborhood.


Why Do I Have To Pay So Much?

While Two hundred dollars is not cheap, Chip is definitely worth every cent. It presents the user with a lot of interesting features and with more and more improvements on its app, it is simply a toy for all times!


Where Do I Place My Order ?

Chip will go on sale on August 31st and will retail at $199.00

Click Here for Latest Price at Amazon


Final Note

The best is still to come, but with the constant improvements by toy makers, interactive AI toys will stay as close to real life as they possibly can get, and then a little beyond.



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